Bonnie “Emmy Anastasia” Cavoto is a graphic artist and designer based in Denver

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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I like to think I’m a pretty unique voice and person, and I am excited to share my viewpoint with you.

As far as my background, I spent 2010-2016 living in 3 states, going to 2 colleges, and getting a degree in technical theater with an emphasis on set design and a minor in nonprofit management. I wanted to run a theater when I started school, though now I’m much more content to write plays and design paintings and logos.

when asked what I do, I say I tell stories. I write them, sure, but I also express stories with paint, and good design always tells a story that best reflects the brand and mission of the company. Designing for weddings is one of my favorite challenges, because each time it’s a love story, and each time it’s a unique one that’s got each person’s character reflected in it so beautifully.

I’d love to help you tell your next story- and if you don’t have one to share, I’d love to bring one to you.

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